Twelve Pool Service offers a variety of pool services to meet your needs. See below for a list of all the services we have available to you. Our quality, reliable, all-inclusive weekly pool service gives you the peace of mind that your entire pool system is being inspected and maintained on a weekly basis.

  We also offer the flexibility of a pool service option that best suits your needs. If you have a summer home  out of state or own a rental property, you can count on us to maintain your pool on a seasonal or year round basis. We have equally flexible payment options for cash, check, online bill pay, most major credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Pay Pal.  Some other service options include bi-weekly service, chemical only service or one time service calls. Contact us today. 

Twelve Pool Service 12 Pools Gilbert Arizona

Full Pool Services Include

  • Weekly water chemical testing and balancing
  • Emptying of skimmer baskets
  • Emptying of in-line and pump baskets
  • Brushing of walls and steps
  • Netting of debris

Other Service Options

  • Pool Light Replacement
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Automation Installation
  • One time cleanup services

Green to Clean Services

  • Inspection of pool equipment
  • Filter cleaning services
  • Chemical testing and re-balancing
  • Chemical treatment of algae blooms

Weekly Pool Service

We offer a range of service options to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for full weekly service, one time only service or even chemical only service, we are here to help. Hit the “Learn More” button below to see the details on each of our service options.

Equipment Repair and Installation

12 Pool Service sells and installs pool equipment including filters, pumps, variable-speed pumps and automatic pool cleaners. Contact us to learn more about what equipment is best for your pool and schedule a free quote for your pool equipment needs.

Filter Grid and Cartridge Cleaning

Our filter cleaning services ensure your pool filter is clean and operating properly to keep your pool sparkling clean. The picture to the right shows just how dirty your filter can get over a few months time. 12 Pools can clean all DE and cartridge filters. Call or e-mail us to set up your filter cleanings!

Tile Cleaning and Other Services

Over time, the tile in your pool gets buildup along the waterline and the surface of your pool may develop staining. We can get the tile cleaned with a bead blasting service along with acid washing services. Contact us for a free quote.

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