12 Pool Service sells and installs all types of pool equipment to meet your pools needs. We can provide an estimate, deliver the equipment and install it for you. Our pool equipment repair and installation process provides you with the knowledge and access to information you need to make an informed decision on the type of equipment that will best serve your specific pool system. Additionally, if you purchase a piece of equipment whether it be a filter, pump, pool cleaner etc from a retailer of your choice, we can take care of the installation process for you.

Pool Automation Installation

Home and pool automation has advanced greatly over the last 5-10 years. With consumers demanding more and more connectivity to their devices, pool automation has finally reached a level of technology that allows homeowners to easily see and control the complete status of their pool from their phone, tablets, computers, watch or even Alexa devices.

Turning on the spa and water features, adjusting light colors, scheduling run times and even landscape lighting can now all be controlled with the press of a button from anywhere in the world. We provide our customers with the highest quality brands and products in this category. Whether your pool consists of a simple pump and light equipment pad or demands a full featured multiple component setup, there is a specific automation system that can be installed specifically for your needs.

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Filter Installations

Twelve Pool Service provides our customers with a wide range of new pool filter choices. During the estimate process, our company will provide you with any information and suggestions you may need to make an informed decision on your investment of a new pool filter. Once you have made a decision on the type of filter you would like, we will take care of the complete installation process for you including delivery of the new equipment and removal of your old filter. Your pool filter is the centerpiece of your pool system and we will provide you with access to the highest quality products and brands to keep your pool working at it’s best. Click below to start the process. Contact

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Pump Installations

In addition to filter sales and installation, we also can provide you with the latest industry standard pumps and variable-speed pumps for your pool. Each pool system is unique and requires different equipment based on the system itself. As with the filters, we will provide you with all the information you will need to choose a pump that is right for you. Aside from single speed pumps, we also can provide you with next generation variable-speed pumps. These pumps are designed to offer the power necessary to run a pool cleaner or in-floor cleaning system, while also having the ability to drop down the RPM’s for filtration to save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs. These pumps are designed to have programmed running schedules. You simply set the schedules, and the pump will run various running speeds and times on it’s own. Click below for more information. Pentair Intelliflo Pumps

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Pump installation and repairs

Equipment Repairs

Twelve Pool Service also provides repairs on most existing equipment. Common repairs include motor replacement, pump replacement part installation, external plumbing repairs and filter repairs. Contact us to schedule us take a look at the equipment you are having trouble with and we will be able to help you get it fixed so your system will be up and running so you can enjoy your swimming pool. In addition to our repair abilities, we have built relationships with other pool industry professionals to be able to provide our customers with highly qualified, experienced technicians to resolve most pool related issues. Our list of specialized professionals can handle items such as automation system repair and installation, pool system electrical problems, tile and pool surface repair, complete pool restoration and new pool construction. Call or e-mail us to have us start working on your needs. Contact

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